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10th Mtn All State Marching Band

200+ Musicians!

We are looking for serious and dedicated musicians! Attitude and respect for our mission is a must in order to become a member!

BRASS SECTION (85th Mtn Regiment)


Trumpets, french horns, trombones (tenor and bass) baritones, and sousaphones


PERCUSSION SECTION (87th Mtn Regiment)

Snare drums, Tom drums, Bass drums, Cymbals and Glockenspiels.

WOODWIND SECTION (86th Mtn Regiment)

Piccolos, flutes, clarinets and saxophones (alto, tenor and bass)

In an effort to involve local area high schools, we will be inviting the schools with ROTC programs to provide us with students interested in carrying our flags and banner when we are in their area. This is to be considered an honor as they will be the first impression the public sees of the 10th Mtn All State Marching Band

Five member Color Guard consisting of :
U.S. Flag, Colorado State Flag, 10th Mtn Flag and two Guards preceeded by a three or four member Banner Corp announcing who we are!