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10th Mtn All State Marching Band

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We want at least 10 of these!

We are looking for serious and dedicated musicians to form what is to be the best looking and sounding marching band in the state of Colorado!


If you are interested in becoming a member of this band, please send us a letter of interest! Please include your e-mail address (required) so we can acknowledge you! All correspondence and communications from this office is by e-mail or this web site only!

Contact info: 

10th Mtn All State Marching Band               

PO Box 4767

Dillon, CO 80435 


Membership Drive: Year around

Membership: The required one time membership fee is $200. This is necessary in order to confirm your interest and dedication. The fee will be used to help finance the band and help purchase or rent the needed instruments not commonly owned by marching band musicians ( i.e. drums and sousaphones).  We are a non-profit organization and will rely soley on membership fees, donations and fundraisers.